Minnesota Concrete Pipe Association
Presentation List
  1. Culvert Hydraulics
  2. -This presentation was designed to give engineers an overview of designing centerline culverts for use under highways and other roadways. It is not intended for storm sewer design, although a fair portion of the material covered is applicable to storm sewer design as well. It covers basic hydrology, open channel flow, culvert hydraulics (inlet and outlet control, critical depth, outlet velocity, etc.), roadway overtopping and discussion of factors that should be considered when designing a centerline culvert.

  3. Culvert Design & Installation
  4. -This presentation covers concrete pipe specifications, assessment of pipe systems, rigid and flexible pipe design and installation requirements, durability of concrete pipe and manhole sizing. Pipe-soil interaction and how the two work together to form a structure is discussed, with emphasis on the differences between rigid and flexible pipe. The presentation can be modified to emphasize various portions of the presentation to meet the needs of a particular audience.

2005 Minnesota Concrete Pipe Association